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Anyone who’s taken a road trip knows that traveling long distances by car and healthy eating don’t always mix. With meal choices limited to greasy fast food or pricey sit-down diners, there’s a good chance your body will be begging for veggies and salads by the time you reach your destination.

Most people don’t realize that healthy (or healthier, at least) food options are hiding in plain sight on the great open road, conveniently located where you’ll be stopping anyway: the gas station. Before you head off on your next road trip, whether it’s a couple of hundred miles or a couple thousand, take a look at this list of the best gas station food and drink options:

Trail mix

Chock full of healthy dried fruits and nuts (plus some chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth), trail mix is one of the best gas station snacks you can find, filling you up without giving you that “I’ve made a terrible mistake” feeling in your gut you might otherwise have after a trip to the drive-thru.

Fruit and cheese combos

If a gas station food mart is large enough to have food in coolers, it most likely has small packages of fruit and cheese combos, sometimes featuring grapes or apple slices with cheddar, gouda, or pepper jack cheese. These combos will give you a boost of fiber and calcium, and they pair wonderfully with trail mix.


If you’re standing at the chip aisle of the gas station, your taste buds might steer you toward greasy potato chips but you’ll usually find a much healthier option nearby: pretzels. Pretzels are low in calories but high in fiber-filled carbohydrates, which will help along with digestion, especially if your other snack choices aren’t as healthy.

Beef or turkey jerky

A package of delicious smoked beef or turkey jerky will provide as much—or more—protein than a fried hamburger, without the unnecessary calories and fat. Jerky is also very filling, which means it’ll get you through another several hours of driving before you need more snacks.


If you’re trying to stick with the healthiest gas station snacks and drinks, you can’t go wrong with a bottled smoothie from the beverage area. While smoothies tend to be a little high on sugar content, they usually contain less than the average soda. Plus, a smoothie offers a bunch of fruit-derived fiber and sometimes protein, making it almost a meal in itself. 

Customized yogurt parfait

Sometimes finding something healthy to eat at a gas station requires a little creativity, like making your own custom yogurt parfait with a cup of yogurt from the cooler and a crumbled-up granola bar from the snack section. If the gas station offers fruit cups, you can add that to the parfait as well.

Build-your-own tuna sandwich

Another gas station food hack to eat healthy on the road is constructing your own tuna sandwich from a variety of materials: a can or pouch of tuna, a package of crackers, and a packet of mayonnaise and relish from the condiment section. Mix the mayo and relish with the tuna and spread on crackers—it’s not technically a sandwich, but just as healthy.

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