What to Wear to a Casino Dress Code Golden Acorn

What to Wear to a Casino?

Whenever you go out, you want to make sure you are wearing the proper attire. Being over or under-dressed is an undeniably embarrassing experience. If you show up to a fancy formal dinner wearing a T-shirt or a Summer BBQ wearing a suit, it reflects poorly on you and your judgment. To avoid embarrassment, you should try to understand the expected attire ahead of time, allowing you to come prepared.

If you are planning on having a casino night, it can be hard to know what is proper casino wear. On one hand, casinos are a place to gamble and have fun. On the other hand, casinos can be ornate and elegant, making casual clothes feel out of place. That is why the Golden Acorn Casino in Southern California has provided this guide to help you understand what to wear to a casino. Continue reading…