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The History of Gambling in California

When you think of gambling in California, Las Vegas-style reservation casinos are probably the first things to come to mind. So you might be surprised to learn that the history of gambling in the state goes far back—all the way to the beginning!


What does Poker have to do with it?

When California became a state in 1850, poker was already a staple of Gold Rush saloons. But across the country, states were starting to crack down on gambling, so legislators decided to pre-empt prohibition by writing into the brand-new state constitution that poker was a game of skill, not chance—an important distinction that still affects gambling laws today. Card clubs and poker rooms continued to flourish, and there are around 90 currently in operation in the state with annual revenues topping $1 billion annually.

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Bar Drinks

10 Most Commonly Ordered Drinks at Bars

Whether you’re celebrating a jackpot or need fortification for an epic round of slots, there’s nothing like a refreshing drink from the bar to enhance your next trip to the casino. The only question is, what should you order? If you don’t already have a favorite standard, check out this list of the 10 most commonly ordered drinks at bars for inspiration.


  1. Margarita

Blended or over ice, Margaritas are as refreshing as they are versatile. Enjoy the drink original-style (tequila, triple sec, and lime juice) or mix it with an unlimited variety of fruits like strawberry, mango, melon, and pomegranate. Fun fact: the most popular tequila cocktail in the U.S. is also somewhat local—its origin is said to be somewhere between Tijuana and Ensenada!


  1. Martini

Another classic cocktail with versatility to spare, Martinis are typically made with gin and vermouth, although vodka can be substituted—and don’t forget the James Bond-popularized option of “shaken or stirred.” Basic Martinis can also be transformed to a variety of cocktails such as the Appletini (mixed with apple schnapps), Blue Martini (blue curacao), and the risqué-sounding Dirty Martini (extra olive juice).

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Biggest Wins in Casino History

The moment you step foot in Golden Acorn Casino, anything is possible. Every roll of the dice, flip of a card, or pull of a slot machine has the potential to change your life in an instant. Eventually, someone has to win big.

“Who’s going to take home the jackpot tonight?” you wonder. “Could it be me?”

The biggest wins in casino history were likely preceded by these very thoughts. After all, anyone who’s ever played blackjack or a slot machine has dreamed of hitting the jackpot. The lucky folks below actually did, and they became legends for their record-breaking wins.


1. On January 26, 2000, Las Vegas cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay tried her hand at the Megabucks slot machine while celebrating her future mother-in-law’s birthday. On her ninth pull, Jay won $34,959,458.56. At the time, this was the largest Megabucks jackpot in history.


2. In 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles reclaimed the record for largest Megabucks jackpot winner with a win of $39,713,982.25. After officials checked his ID and verified his eligibility, the anonymous winner received his first of 25 annual checks for a cool $1.5 million.

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7 Myths About Slot Machine Strategy

There are a lot of myths circulating about how to win the jackpot on a slot machine. At Golden Acorn Casino, we’ve pretty much heard them all. Unfortunately, many people take these misconceptions to heart and end up disappointed when they don’t win.

At Golden Acorn, we’re big believers that visiting the casino should be a fun experience, not one that leaves you feeling defeated. Before we attempt to dispel the myths about slot machine strategy, it’s important to understand how slot machines actually work.

Slot machines have a chip inside of them that runs a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG constantly cycles through numbers even when no one is playing on the machine. When you hit the spin button or pull the lever, the RNG picks the combination at that given nanosecond and displays that same series of numbers behind the payline.

Why are we telling you this? Understanding how rapidly the RNG cycles through number combinations helps us to dispel our first, and what’s probably the most frustrating, myth about slot machine strategy.

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Forget Vegas: Top 8 Reasons to Visit Your Local Casino

Here at Golden Acorn, we get the whole Vegas thing. We really do. It’s fun, it’s flashy, it’s opulent, and the food is fantastic. But there’s also plenty of gaming fun to be had right here at home.  In fact, we can think of quite a few reasons as to why visiting your local casino beats a trip to Vegas.  Here’s our top 8:

#1. You’ll save money on travel

Even though Vegas is a mere 5-hour-drive away from San Diego, it still requires quite a financial commitment. You have to consider the drive time, the gas, the hotel stay, plus the meals and entertainment, and when you add it all up, even a weekend getaway costs a pretty penny. When you visit your local casino, you get the fun and the great food without spending your whole vacation budget.

#2. You can go home and sleep in your own bed

If you have a comfy bed, and you love your sleep, but you love the slot machines and the table games, too, then your local casino gives you the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, hotel beds can’t always be counted on to be not-too-soft or not-too-hard. When you do your gaming at a local casino, you can go home to sleep in your own bed when it’s all over (and come back tomorrow if you want).

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Tips and Tricks to Win Big in Bingo

Bingo. You probably played it as a kid. Maybe you’ve seen movie scenes where the players are mostly slow-moving elderly, and the caller goes at a turtle’s pace. If this is as far as your understanding of Bingo goes, you’ll be in for a surprise when you see what happens in a real game. It’s not as simple or as easy as you may think. People are serious about their Bingo, and it can get pretty competitive. If you’re just starting out and you hope to win, you may want to take a look at the following tips and tricks to win big at Bingo.
And, hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Play on off-nights

The fewer competitors you have, the better your chances of winning. Weekends tend to be more crowded than weekdays, but don’t just assume that a quieter room means an easier room. If your competition has more cards in play than you, they have a better chance of winning.

Arrive early

Regular players often show up early to get their favorite seats, set up their area, and mentally prepare to play. This is a good time to get the lay of the land, crack your knuckles, and estimate the competition. Pay attention to how the regulars get themselves ready. You may learn something from what you see.

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Casino Dining Options

Eat While You Play: Dining Options and Specials!

Food. We need it to fuel our bodies for all the bazillion things we do in a day.  But food also gives us pleasure, and not just in the way it tastes, either. Think about heading to a restaurant with friends and family, sitting down together at a table, browsing the menu for exactly what you want – and getting it.  The ritual of it all gives us pleasure, too.

Food is a big part of the ritual here at Golden Acorn Casino. People come from San Diego and all other parts of Southern California with a plan to play and eat. Some eat before they play.  Others start at the tables or the slot machines, and then break for some good food and drinks between games. We have some regulars (not naming any names) whose eat-play-eat-play schedules we could set our clocks by. Everyone here does it their own way, but almost everyone comes to Golden Acorn to eat and play.


Dining Options

Golden Grill Restaurant

Sunday-Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday-Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The menu at Golden Grill features everything from soups, salads and appetizers to hearty entrees and decadent desserts.  Cocktail service is also available. Come in, sit down, and take some time to unwind. You deserve it.

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Road Trip

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Road Trip Awesome

A road trip is a great way to get from Point A to Point B (and maybe Points C through Z) while getting a taste of what else is out there in the world. Here are 10 simple ways to make your next road trip even more awesome.

#1: Make a loose plan

If you know where you’re staying every night (which city and which hotel, camp site or buddy’s couch), that should be enough of a plan to get you where you’re going and still leave room for fun road trip surprises. But don’t plot every single stop between cities. If you do, you’ll miss out on the fun of following bizarre billboards and landing in unexpected places.  


#2: Ditch your smartphone apps

This is sort of a reiteration of number #1. But it’s worth repeating.  Before there were smartphones, there was the unknown, and it was cool. No, you didn’t always end up at a restaurant with 5-star reviews, but the story about the runny omelet and the waitress with the bad attitude could still make you laugh decades later.

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Player's Gold Club

Player’s Gold Club: Levels and Casino Benefits

Gamers, you’re in it to win it, right? Playing casino games is fun, sure. But winning? That’s a whole new level of fun. Well, at Golden Acorn Casino in San Diego, you don’t have to win win to win. When you join the Player’s Gold Club, you win just by playing!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for the Player’s Gold Club

It’s free! All you have to do is present a valid photo I.D. at the Player’s Gold Club booth, and we’ll give you a club card. You can start reaping the benefits right away.

  1. Earn points by playing

At the slot machines: Insert your Player’s Gold Club card into the reader on any slot machine, and as you play, your points will accumulate.

At the tables: Present your Player’s Gold Club card to the dealer before you begin to play. The more you play, the more points you earn.

  1. Spend your points

You can spend your points on Free Play at the tables or the slot machines. You can also spend them on Bingo, food or non-alcoholic beverages at the Golden Grill, Del Oro Deli, or the Player’s Bar. You can even spend your points on gas at the Travel Center!

So, yeah, with the Player’s Gold Club at Golden Acorn Casino, you win just by playing. And the more you play, the more you win.

As you make your way up through the Club’s three levels, you get more points per play and more benefits, including discounts on food and merchandise, and VIP parking.

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