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Can Music Help You Play Better at the Casino?

Gamblers are always looking for that extra edge to increase their odds of winning, and while many tips and tricks are just that—tricks, with questionable results—there are solid, science-based helpful hints out there if you know where to look. One of the most unexpected suggestions to help you go from an adequate player to a seasoned near-pro is using music to help you focus.

Music has an interesting effect on the brain, and any boost it brings will probably be limited to games of skill like poker and Blackjack. But any little bit helps, so read on to find out how music can help you play better at the casino.

Full-spectrum impact

While most stimuli in the world—things you see, hear, smell, etc.—activates only one side of the brain, music activates the left side and the right side simultaneously, according to research. The left side of the brain is responsible for logic, language, facts, and strategies, while the right side is driven by imagination, emotion, and intuition. Activating both at the same time gives you the best of both worlds—the logic to implement a winning strategy, and the intuition to alter that strategy based on other players.

Altering brain waves

Research has also shown music’s ability to change a person’s brainwave state from Beta brainwaves, which is the normal “waking” state, to Alpha waves—the “resting” state—down to the Theta brainwave level, which is dominant in deep meditation and the gateway to learning. The calmer and more meditative you can be while playing, the better your ability to pay attention and not let emotions drive your gambling decisions. 

Biological influence

Not only does music have a significant impact on brain activity, it influences other body systems as well. Music can moderate your blood pressure and heart rate, calming you down in stressful situations, like when playing a slot machine that refuses to give up its jackpot. Music also has a substantial impact on your mood, and most gamblers know that a Zen-like state of mind will produce the best results at a casino.

Best types of music for gambling

Not all music has the same impact on your brain. Music with lyrics can be distracting, along with your favorite tunes that make you want to sing or dance instead of concentrate. Classical music is ideal for encouraging focus (especially selections with a peppy tempo, around 60-70 beats per minute), and even New Age and ambient EDM music work well. Slow, meditative music is a good choice too, like spa music and nature sounds, but you might need to experiment with different types before deciding on the best slot machine, Blackjack, or poker music.

Music at the casino

Casinos typically choose music for their gambling areas with entertainment in mind. Top radio hits, or classic rock and oldies are the most common, but unfortunately these are not the best options for optimizing your brain for gambling. So the next time you visit a casino, bring along a set of earbuds and listen to a pre-made playlist on your phone. Of course, if you’re playing a table game like poker or blackjack, you’ll need at least one ear free to hear what’s going on with the dealer and other players.

Make a Soothing Playlist and Play at San Diego County’s Golden Acorn Casino

Music might not be a sure-fire way to walk out of the casino a winner, but activating both sides of your brain and encouraging it to dive into a deep meditative state is never a waste of time. So why not arrange a soothing playlist of music to help you focus and try it out at Golden Acorn Casino? We’re conveniently located right of the I-8, about an hour from downtown San Diego. If you are interested in visiting the Golden Acorn Casino, learn more by calling (619) 938-6000.

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