Travel Center for Gas, Food, Spacious Parking, and Casino Gambling Near San Diego

  • Fuel Up with Competitive Gas Prices!
  • Crestwood Summit. Elevation: 4181 feet. Home of Golden Acorn Casino.
  • Quick-Serve Deli and a Casino!

Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Located just off I-8 near San Diego, the Golden Acorn Casino and Travel Center is an oasis whose bright lights, spacious parking, and fabulous deals are a beacon for road-weary travelers.

For drivers nearing their destination on the coast, it's a place to stop off and top off for the final leg of the journey. For drivers starting their journey home, we offer a chance to enjoy a few more moments in the California sun before setting out across the country.

Fuel, Food & Fun

Now selling Sunoco's 100 and 110 Octane Race Fuels, Golden Acorn Travel Center is ready to help you add some fire to your fuel. We always have great prices on the gas and food you need to keep your motor running and your mind sharp as you head down the road. Our Golden Grill restaurant and Del Oro Deli offer plenty of comfort foods, including everything from pizza and hot dogs to prime rib and seafood, and our pumps are loaded with all the unleaded and diesel a thirsty engine desires. We promise you won't find any better place to top off on food or fuel in the area.

A Fantastic Casino & Travel Center

Lady Luck lives at Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center and she takes a shine to travelers eager for a bit of fun on their journey. The tables and slots at our casino near San Diego are an exciting break from the mundane signs and sights of the road. When you stop by, be sure to join our Player's Gold Club so you can take advantage of special offers and earn credits for every dollar you play.

Convenience You Can Customize and Count On

Some travelers have a few minutes to spare, while others have a few hours. Whatever your pleasure and needs, our travel center makes it easy for you to tailor your visit to the needs of your trip. You can be in and out of our 3,000-square-foot, 24-hour convenience store in a few minutes, or you can kick back and relax feet in our casino and restaurants.

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Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

The Golden Acorn Casino and Travel Center is located in the picturesque Campo Mountains just off of Interstate 8.  We are located 45 minutes east of San Diego and 45 minutes west of El Centro. We are easy to find and we promise that when you drop in to fill up and top off, our friendly staff will be ready to assist you with our fabulous service.