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Go for the Gold at one of our exciting Tables Games, including: Blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em

In the exciting world of table games at Golden Acorn Casino, fully enjoying the thrills we have on offer simply requires an understanding of the rules. Take a look at this overview and get ready to have some fun!

Black Jack

The card game classic, Black Jack and its multiple deck variations all follow the same easy set of rules:

The goal is to get closer to a card total of 21 than the dealer does without busting (going over 21). Each round, all players are dealt two cards; the dealer places theirs one face up, one face down. On a player's turn, they may Hit or Stand or use an advanced move like: Doubling Down and Splitting. To Double Down, double your bet and receive only one more card. Splitting is playing two cards as individual hands. The dealer will then reveal their card and Hit until they reach 17 or bust.

Number cards are the value of their face; Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all valued at 10; aces are either 1 or 11, whichever makes for a better hand. A Black Jack is a Jack and ace pair. A "soft" 13-20 is a pair with an ace that adds up to the soft total as the value of the ace may always change to 1.

The quick and dirty strategy for Black Jack is to Hit until you arrive at 17, but there are more nuances for an advanced strategy. Strategy charts are easy to find on the internet and allow for a good idea of when to split or double – such as often with a hand of pairs or a hand of 11 respectively. When playing, double check the house rules as they may be different from Black Jack and Double Deck or Six Deck Shoe.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em

Poker is also a classic of table games and Texas Hold Em is a poker variation where rather than receiving a hand of five cards, each player receives two. During gameplay, three cards and then two more are revealed in the center of the table and these are as community cards that comprise the rest of every player's hand. The goal is to build the best hand using your own two and a combination of the community cards.

The game also consists of three blinds where a player may make a bet, although each time the maximum bet allowed is smaller. Your final hand may also determine winnings. Poker utilizes a lot of terms so if you're less familiar with them, brushing up might be a good idea.

A quick strategy is always to raise if you have an ace, usually if you have a king, and never if your highest card is ten or lower. Betting and bluffing are strategies that will require practice for you to become convincing.

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