Live Entertaiment at Golden Acorn Casino

Quick question: Where's a good place to hear bands and live music near San Diego? Right here at Golden Acorn, of course! Come to enjoy our live music and entertainment and perhaps win a jackpot.

Keeping Things Fresh

The bands playing at Golden Acorn change occasionally so that we can keep things fresh. No worries: We've made it easy for you to stay on top of who is playing when. Just follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest or visit our website monthly to get the scoop on upcoming acts and events.

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Saturday, May 23 : 7PM - 12AM
Stevie Nicks Illusion: Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

Saturday, June 20 : 7PM - 12AM
4 Lads from Liverpool

Customer Favorites

Our customers like all kinds of music, but we've noticed a particular affinity for Latin. That's one reason you get to experience various singers and groups put their unique twists on Latin tunes. Of course, variety is the spice of life, so here's the scoop on what our bands typically have to offer.

It's the best of all worlds because our bands often play different types of music in one night.

Laid-Back Vibe

We want your visit to Golden Acorn to be fun. So, pull up a chair, relax and enjoy the music. Also, we offer happy hour and dining specials to get you in the groove before and during the show, whether your preference is prime rib or shrimp. Close your eyes and let your stresses drift away.

Thrills and More

Bands and live music near San Diego are their own special thrill, but we have plenty more for you to sample. Of course, there's the anticipation that you could be a jackpot winner on your next slots spin. But our monthly calendar also brims with events and promotions such as:

For example, we celebrated with a fireworks spectacular for our anniversary. We also host monthly birthday parties complete with goodies such as cupcakes and free play drawings (offers subject to change). Giveaways are varied, with common items including T-shirts cars and other amazing prizes.

Whew! How's that for live music entertainment and much more?


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