I-8 Interstate Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Casino Off I-8 Interstate Exit 61 (Crestwood Rd.)

If you’re lucky enough to live near a local casino, you can get all the gambling excitement of Vegas without the time commitment and traveling hassle. But many local casinos are located in rather remote areas, making them hard to find and inconvenient for an impromptu night out.

Not Golden Acorn Casino! We’re located right off the I-8 interstate at the Crestwood Road exit, about halfway between San Diego and El Centro. That means if you live in those cities or anywhere in between—including El Cajon, Alpine, Pine Valley, Campo, Jacumba Hot Springs, Ocotillo, and Plaster City—we’re just a quick drive away. Continue reading…

people playing blackjack

Best Way to Play Blackjack and Win | Basic Rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games on the planet. For over 400 years individuals have tried their luck at a game of 21, hoping to take advantage of the game’s favorable odds to walk away a winner. Blackjack only offers the house a minuscule 0.5% edge, so if you learn some of the basic strategies of the game it is one of the best bets you can find at a casino. Read on to learn how to play blackjack, and come to Golden Acorn Casino in Southern California to try out your newly learned expertise. To learn more, give us a call at (619) 938-6000 Continue reading…

Best Casino Game Odds Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

What Is the Best Game to Play at a Casino? | Gambling Odds

One of the reasons casinos are such a popular destination for vacations, parties, dates, girls’ night, and more is because anyone can walk in and find something fun. Gamblers of all skill levels are welcome, although what constitutes the “best” casino game varies from person to person. Are you looking for games with the best gambling odds? Would you prefer something easy to learn? Or would you enjoy a game that offers a full sensory experience? To get you started, here’s a list of the best casino games, depending on your gambling preferences: Continue reading…

Gas station at Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Why You Should Fuel Up at Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

You might think all gas stations offer the same gas, snacks, and dubious restrooms. But you’ll definitely reconsider once you fuel up at Golden Acorn Casino’s Travel Center, an oasis of refreshment on the way to the desert.

Golden Acorn’s creature comforts aren’t the only reason you should stop in for a fill-up. Here are 7 reasons why you should take advantage of our Travel Center, whether you’re heading out East or returning home to San Diego. Continue reading…

free casino drinks at Golden Acorn Casino

Are Casino Drinks Free? | What You Should Know

In addition to wondering which casino game has the best odds of winning and how to avoid losing money at the game tables, most casino newbies want to know whether the drinks are really free. The assumption that you can drink for free at a casino has been around for about as long as casinos have been operating, and it’s mostly true. But the equation isn’t as simple as gambling = free drinks. Here’s what you should know about free drinks at casinos before you go: Continue reading…

Casino Winnings Taxes Golden Acorn Casino

How Are Casino Winnings Taxed?

Tax season is fast approaching. For some, tax season is an exciting time that will end in a nice check coming their way, while for others tax season just means a mountain of stress. As you go through your tax documents, it is important to remember gambling winnings. Anything you win gambling at a casino or otherwise is classified as taxable, so if you frequently gamble it is important to understand how casino winnings are taxed. Golden Acorn Casino provides the details you need about how your casino winnings are taxed, but if you have further questions call (619) 938-6000. Continue reading…

Free Shuttle Service to Golden Acorn Casino

Top Casinos with Free Shuttle Service

Decades ago, the only way to enjoy exciting casino action was to fly all the way to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Now, many states boast a variety of casinos located on local reservations, which means for many people, a potential jackpot is just a short drive away.

However, not everyone lives within an hour of a casino, and even people who do might not want to limit their fun by having to drive home at the end of the night. That’s why many casinos now offer shuttle service to and from their establishments.  And what’s even better is that many of these shuttles are free! Here’s a list of the top Southern California casino shuttles offering free service: Continue reading…

Top Responsible Gambling Tips at a Casino

At Golden Acorn Casino, we love to gamble. Gambling is a fun way to hang out with friends, have a good time, and possibly win some money! However, gambling, like most things, is best enjoyed in moderation, and some individuals struggle with gambling addiction and compulsive gambling. Continue reading…

friends celebrating at new years party

7 Things To Do For New Year’s Eve

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be getting plenty of offers for New Year’s Eve parties with family and friends. But if the thought of feasting on holiday treat leftovers and counting down to midnight with the same crowd as usual doesn’t sound enticing this year, maybe it’s time to consider celebrating the New Year a little differently.

Continue reading…