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Top 5 Craziest Casino Myths

Myths can be part of what makes life fun. After all, they spice up what could otherwise be a boring day or trip. However, they should not get in the way of your decision-making process. To that end, let’s dive into the top five craziest casino myths.

1. Counting Cards Will Land You in Jail

This myth — that counting cards is illegal and can even put you behind bars — is perhaps the most widely believed one. After all, it has elements that make sense. There’s the perception that casinos don’t want to give players any advantage, and counting cards is a big ol’ benefit.
However, a myth is all it is. Really! Of course, casinos don’t love it when players count cards. Even the best California casinos will use up to eight decks in blackjack to minimize the odds of card counting. They might also use automatic shuffling machines. It’s possible you could get banned from a casino or its table games if you count cards, but you will never be arrested.

2. Roulette Wheels Are Remote Controlled

This myth purports that roulette wheels are remote controlled and stop where the payouts are small. However, roulette spins are purely random, and casinos regularly check their wheels for bias. A casino found to have tampered with its wheels would be in big trouble, indeed.
(Golden Acorn does not have roulette wheels, so this is something the players here don’t need to worry about anyway.)

3. Slot Machines Have Hot and Cold Streakscasino slot machine

Ever played a slot machine for minutes and minutes on end, only to win nothing? In such a case, it’s natural to feel like the machine is “cold” and that you need to search for a machine thatcould be “hot.” That is, a machine likely to reward you with money.
However, slot machines are neither hot nor cold. They are totally random, and when you’re not doing well, it just means you’ve wandered into bad luck. The next pull could still be the one that lands you the jackpot. On the other hand, just because you’ve been playing the same machine for hours doesn’t mean you have a better chance to win big anytime soon. Randomness rules.
A similar principle applies to tables. They’re not machines, but statistics dictate that “cold runs” and “hot runs” must happen at some point. However, each new game is independent of the prior game. (That said, if you think a table is hot, go ahead and sit there. Why miss out on the excitement in the air?)

4. Casinos Pump Oxygen in the Air

This myth is often part of a larger story that has accurate parts. That is, if you’ve heard that casinos lack windows and clocks so you don’t think about time as often or notice the sun setting outside, that is true. Casinos do this — and it’s legal, of course. Also, free soda can be yours for just sitting and gambling. Totally legal.
But pumping oxygen into the air in hopes of energizing players and making them reluctant to leave is illegal. It doesn’t happen.

5. The House Always Wins

This is a good and important myth to end on. Yes, casinos do try to make a profit; otherwise, what is the point of them being in business? But the house does not always win. Far from it, really. In fact, casinos do play fair in many ways. For example, blackjack dealers cannot decide many moves for themselves; they must follow preset rules for their casino, and players have the advantage of flexibility.
The trick is to cash in when you have made a big win. For example, if you made it a goal to stop after quadrupling the $1,000 you came with, stick to that goal and leave $3,000 richer.


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