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Top 4 Casino Table Games

If you are good with strategy, enjoy meeting people, and like making money, odds are that you frequent casino table games.playing table gamesAnd if you don’t, there’s no time like the present to start. In fact, your odds of winning are better with table games than they are with slot games. This is because table games are based on age-old formulas that didn’t necessarily give an advantage to one side and that are difficult or risky to tinker with. Here’s a look at some of these casino table games.

1. Blackjack

This game is perhaps the most recognizable table game, and for good reason. It is fun and simple regardless of player skill level, but if you’re a whiz, you can do extremely well. In a nutshell, you try to get a hand of 21 points or as close to it as possible without going over (called going bust). There are many variations in Blackjack, so be sure you know which one you are in for before beginning play. For example, casino rules dictate that dealers cannot get another card once they have 17 points. However, if that 17 points is “soft,” then many casinos do allow dealers to deal themselves another card. A soft hit means that the one of the dealer’s cards is an ace.

2. Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em

This game is one of the many casino variations on poker. Essentially, you use two cards of your own plus community cards to build a winning hand. This game can be easy for beginners to play, as they can follow a simple strategy of raising when they have an ace or a king and of never doing so if their card is lower than a jack.

3. Craps

The “bad” news first: This game is complex, and many casinos such as Golden Acorn don’t have it. The good news: The odds of winning can be pretty decent, and you can win along with a bunch of other folks for a merry atmosphere. In a simple variation, one player rolls two dice, and if they equal 7 or 11, “Pass Line” bettors win even money. A 2, 3 or 12 results in lost money, while another total would be the “point.” The shooter (the person rolling) must try to achieve that number again before rolling a 7 for “Pass Line” bets to pay off.

4. Roulette

There’s absolutely no strategy necessary for this game, which can be part of its appeal, especially for new players. The bets you can place include betting on odd or even, on red or black, for more money, or in a certain range of numbers. Roulette is one of those casino games that tend to be found only in extremely large establishments.
Come to Golden Acorn Casino, just East of San Diego, to try your hand at the top two casino table games: Blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em. Join our Player’s Gold Club to gain access to exclusive offers, freebies and VIP perks.

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