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Seven Good Luck Gambling Rituals from Around the World

Throughout the world and throughout the centuries, good luck rituals have existed in many different forms in virtually every society. They have pervaded ancient history and continue to exist in today’s modern culture.

Before you visit Golden Acorn Casino, check out these seven gambling rituals for yourself. Maybe one will provide you with some good luck!

  1. Your Lucky Socks: Many people believe that a specific item of clothing lends them luck whenever they wear it. Whether it’s lucky socks or a special tie, if you have won wearing that item before, you may just win again!
  2. Charms: Another common trend is carrying a lucky charm that is believed to carry a spell or positive energies with it. While the charm itself varies by culture, we frequently see rabbit’s feet, four-leaf clovers, crosses and more in the United States.

  1. Don’t Look: Whether it’s from anxiety or anticipation, many gamblers turn away from the table after they play. Instead of staring at the roulette ball or the dice, they close their eyes and pray for a good outcome.
  2. Having a Lucky Partner: Maybe you struck it rich last time your friend approached the table to see how you were doing. Maybe it was a perfect stranger. Whatever the case, many people believe a certain person can bring them good luck.
  3. A Series of Actions: Some rituals grow increasingly complex with every win. We see people press buttons in a certain order, say a catch phrase and scratch their knee before every spin of the slots to replicate the conditions of their last win.
  4. Lucky Numbers: Here in America, many people consider the number 7 as a lucky number, and the number 13 as a bad-luck number. However, in other cultures, the numbers 2, 3 and 9 are special.
  5. Don’t Disturb the Dice: In dice games, people often are afraid to disrupt the positive energies of the dice as they roll. For this reason, it is common for everyone to back away from the table and keep their hands away from the edge. Otherwise you could interrupt the natural flow of events and end up losing.

Some casino rituals originate within a culture and are played out over and over. Other good luck rituals belong to the individual and seek to recreate their last big win. The Golden Acorn Casino is a great place to try out your own good luck ritual! Visit us today and give it a try!

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