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Frequently Asked Questions About Casinos

If you’ve never been to a casino (or even if you’ve been to several), there are a few things you may wonder. For example, what are the best casino games? How do you win at slots? And practically speaking, do you have to dress up? Here’s a look at some FAQs.

Do I need to dress up to go to a Casino?

Most likely not. Movies often show men in tuxedos and women clad in gowns as they gamble at high-end casinos. That’s the movies. In reality, most casinos want to appeal to a wide spectrum of folks. Go to one of the top casinos near San Diego and you’ll see many people wearing jeans and T-shirts or slacks and a sweater. Shorts, too. Casinos don’t want to make people jump through hoops or to make a visit stressful. In fact, some casinos also function as travel stops, offering gas and good dining. Travelers, including truckers, may take only 30 minutes or an hour to relax and gamble, and as everyone knows, it’s a rare person who travels in black tie.
Of course, if you want to dress up, you can!

Do I have to spend a lot of money at a Casino?casino-poker-table

Absolutely not. In fact, some people even visit casinos to escape the heat. You can jump on a shuttle bus (many casinos offer them), take in entertainment at a casino and play the penny slot machines. The thrill of giving a slot machine just one try is hard to beat.

What are the best casino games?

The answer depends on your preferences and gambling style, and luckily, many casinos offer a variety of options. Golden Acorn, for example, has video poker, blackjack, slots, bingo and several other fun games.

  • Slot machines might be best if you feel lucky or if the anticipation of the unknown sends a thrill down your spine. Also, your odds may be better the simpler a machine is (three reels versus five, for example, and no progressive jackpot).
  • Video poker might be best if you have poker skills, like playing at machines, and want better odds than you’d get with slots.
  • Blackjack might be best if you’re all about playing the odds, know the general strategy, like socializing and feel decisive that day.

How do I win at slots?

It is possible to win at slots, but it can take strategy and patience. Perhaps the most important thing is to define “win” before you begin so you know when to stop. Is it doubling your money? Tripling? Is it stretching your cash so that you’re able to play for, say, three hours?

In general, the higher-priced slot machines offer better “win” opportunities because of their payback percentages. It’s also important to play the max bet on each attempt if you want to win as much as possible. Walk by gamblers, though, and you’ll often see folks placing minimum bets and/or playing the lowest-priced games. That’s because they may want to make their money last and still get to win some money. The bottom line is that no matter your goal or strategy, you can win.

Why join the players’ club (or whatever the rewards card at a specific casino is called)?

Join to enjoy lots of benefits. At Golden Acorn Casino, you get free play offers with your gold-level card. With red and black cards, perks include even more rewards points and discounts on food, merchandise and more. Exclusive to the black card is the opportunity to attend invitation-only events.

How old do I have to be to gamble?

Either 18 or 21. Which age largely depends on whether the casino serves alcohol on its floor. In that case, you need to be 21. Good news: You can gamble at Golden Acorn Casino when you’re 18!


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