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Beat the Game: Black Jack Tips

Dozens of books and movies have been made about the ins and outs of black jack. While black jack is mostly a game of chance, the fact that there are a finite number of possible hands means statistics and strategy come into play. There’s hardly enough room to delve into all of the details in one blog, but there are a few tried-and-true rules that are worth remembering.

When to Stand

Getting overzealous is a surefire way to lose the hand at any casino near San Diego. Any time your hard hand is a 17 or greater, stay where you are. The pool of available cards that will keep you under 21 is small. The same is true of any soft hand from 19 to 21.

When to Hit

Obviously, any time you are showing something below a 13 you should hit. In fact, depending on how close you can get to 17, you should plan on taking a double. You should also be considering what the dealer has showing. If the dealer is showing a better hand than you, hitting may be the only chance you’ve got.

When to Split

Common knowledge of the game says you should always split aces and eights. This is an age-old strategy that has stood the test of time.

No Pressure

While learning to read your hand and assess your risks is an important part of playing the game well, another important element of black jack is keeping your head. Remember there is no such thing as a winning streak in black jack.

As soon as you start to raise your bets drastically because you’ve had a few good hands, you will suddenly lose a big one. If you start to get frustrated, take a break for some slot games in San Diego instead. Come back once you’ve cooled off.

There is no perfect game of black jack. All you can do is know which combinations are most likely to bring you a win. There are tons of resources available for learning about the statistics if you really want to dig into the subject. Golden Acorn Casino near San Diego is the perfect place to try your hand at black jack. Visit us today!

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