Golden Acorn 8 Gambling Rules to Live by

8 Gambling Rules to Live By

You might not think there are any “rules” to gambling outside the rules for each specific game, but as gambling has become an ever-more-mainstream form of entertainment, various rules and “commandments” have cropped up along the way. The good news is that these rules will both increase your chances of winning and ensure you have a great time even if you lose. Before your next trip to the casino, check out these 8 gambling rules to live by.

Rule One: Learn the Game

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many players lose because they’re learning the game as they go. So before you hit up the Blackjack or poker tables, research rules and strategies—and it might even be in your best interest to specialize in one or two games instead of taking a scattergun approach.

Rule Two: Set a Bankroll

Before stepping foot into a casino, set a budget (or “bankroll”) for how much money you can risk losing. Even the most experienced players know that losing is always an option. In fact, that risk is what makes gambling such a rush! But don’t let the thrill eat into your rent money, and above all, never borrow money to gamble. If you don’t have disposable income that you can afford to lose, don’t gamble with someone else’s.

Rule Three: Devise a Staking Strategy

Going hand-in-hand with Rule Two, losses are inevitable in gambling so unless you want that trip to the casino to last all of five minutes, it’s best to devise a staking strategy to spread out your funds. Many gambling experts advise that no single bet should exceed 2.5% of your starting bankroll, but you can adjust accordingly depending on the game and your probabilities of winning.

Rule Four: Believe in Odds, Not Hunches

Math is a gambler’s best friend, so know your odds going into a bet and ignore any hunches that try to sway your hand. Mathematically proven strategies are proven for a reason, and while they might not produce the electrifying high of winning a huge, against-all-odds bet, choosing your gut over math increases your risk of going home empty-handed.

Rule Five: Ignore Betting Systems

Research and strategy is one thing—get-rich-quick schemes are another. For every genuine gambling expert sharing their wisdom in books and online tutorials, there are hundreds of frauds selling worthless betting systems with impossible promises. Even in gambling, that old cliché is relevant: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Rule Six: Avoid Bonus Bets

True betting is about reducing—not increasing—your chances of losing, so avoid side bets, multiple bets and accumulator bets. While they might seem attractive at first, boosting the level of potential winnings, they actually lower your chance of ever seeing those winnings, so it’s best to keep bets simple.

Rule Seven: Don’t Cheat

This rule barely needs an explanation, but understand that if you get caught counting cards or cheating in some other capacity, you’ll get thrown out of the casino and likely prohibited from ever returning. Some casinos even press charges against cheaters, and no bet—no matter how large the winnings—is worth going to jail.

Rule Eight: Learn to Cope

Keeping your emotions in check is essential to a fun gambling experience—you need to be able to make fact-based decisions despite your emotional state, and this goes for big wins as well as big losses. Don’t let your winner’s high dictate foolish bets, and never chase losses with more money to force a profit. The best way to prepare for either outcome—and cope with the aftermath—is to prioritize the entertainment aspect of gambling over its profitable possibilities. You don’t visit casinos to make money—you go to have fun!

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