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Best Southern California Weekend Getaways to Take This Summer

Summer just screams travel. The beautiful weather is enough to get a nagging travel itch, but not everyone can afford to fly across the globe on a whim or take a bunch of days off at work. If that is the case, opt for a weekend road trip. These summer getaways are a great mini-vacation, and if you live in Southern California there are plenty of options. Here are a few of the best Southern California weekend getaways to take this summer. 

1. Temecula Wine Tasting

Hidden between San Diego and Los Angeles and tucked a bit inland is Temecula, a haven for wine lovers. Temecula Valley Wine Country has been the host to vineyards for 50 years, with over 40 wineries producing over 500,000 cases of wine each year. Drive to Temecula for the weekend and book a wine tour to taste some of the best wines Southern California has to offer.

2. Santa Monica and Venice

Santa Monica is the epitome of life in SoCal, with beautiful beaches surrounded by chic bars and restaurants. Stop by the Santa Monica Pier to partake in some rides and attractions, then rent a bicycle and bike amongst the sand of the beach on a long bike path that will lead you to the Venice boardwalk. At night, dine at one of the many incredible restaurants in the area, making for a fun-filled weekend.

3. Catalina Island

Twenty-two miles from Los Angeles by ferry is Catalina Island, a fun resort town hidden in the middle of the sea. Take a ferry from Long Beach and enjoy the beautiful ride through the ocean. Once you arrive, there is an abundance of activities to keep your attention, no matter your preference. If you love nature, the island has acres of protected land that is home to intriguing animal and plant life, including buffalo and dolphins. If you are looking to get a sweat on, there are biking and hiking trails throughout the island. If you want to lounge in style, head to the beach or one of the many resorts to soak up some sun.

4. Big Bear Lake

When most people think of Big Bear, they think of cascading down (fake) snow covered mountains on skis or a snowboard. However, during the summertime Big Bear Lake is home to scenic hikes, outdoor activities like kayaks and zip lines, and boat rentals to glide along the lake. Getaway from the hustle of the city with a weekend on Big Bear Lake.

Palm Springs

Some like it hot, and if that describes you, a weekend in Palm Springs might be in order. Home to endless pools, gourmet restaurants, and blistering hot desert sunshine, Palm Springs is the ideal place to lounge by the pool by day and have a great meal by night.

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