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7 Best Gambling Gifts for Him & Her | 2019

The holidays are well over half a year away, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner, and birthdays fall all year long. If you love wowing your favorite people with thoughtful, personal gifts and you’re struggling to find the right thing for a fan of casinos and gambling, look no further. Here’s a list of the 7 top gambling gifts for the lucky player in your life:

Gambling Gifts for Him

Piggy bank

Instead of letting loose change pile up on countertops and dressers, why not collect it, save it, and spend on a chance to win big? Give the gambler in your life a piggy bank or fun jar to save loose change—some are even targeted to gamblers, with signs on the jar or bank that says “poker money” or “casino fund.” And if he wins big, maybe he’ll gift a portion of the winnings back to you in gratitude.

Deluxe poker set

Nothing beats the thrill of playing a hand of Texas Hold Em at a casino, but every good gambler could use practice where actual money isn’t on the line. Giving a poker fan a deluxe poker set for home use will allow him to hone his skills while having fun in the comfort of his home.

Roulette drinking game

Drinking games are a great way to get the party started for birthdays, bachelor parties, or just a random guy’s night out. If your guy loves the excitement of roulette, a shot glass roulette game is a perfect addition to his party supplies. Instead of winning money, players win the honor of taking a shot if the wheel lands on their color or number.

Gambling Gifts for Her

Replica slot machine

Slot machine games rely entirely on luck, so success at the slots doesn’t require practice. Still, the novelty of a small-scale replica slot machine can extend the thrill of gambling beyond the casino. And, of course, winning the jackpot is still exciting even if your gift recipient is playing with her own money. Plus, a little slot machine makes an adorable addition to any home décor.

Casino stock

The house always wins, so investing in casinos is a sure bet. If you know someone who likes to gamble but also likes to think long-term, consider buying her shares in a casino. MGM Casino and Resort even offers a share certificate in an elegant frame with the option of including a personalized engraved plaque. One engraving example: “Winning is a lot easier when you own the casino!”

Gamblers gift basket

Ladies love gift baskets, and if there’s a lady in your life who also loves gambling, consider putting together a gift basket full of all her favorite gambling things. Items to include: playing cards, dice, real casino chips, lottery scratchers, and a gambling motto T-shirt. Don’t forget to add a little bling, like a casino-themed charm bracelet or dice earrings.

Gifts for Sports Gamblers

If your friend or family member prefers the sports side of gambling, the obvious gift is merchandise from their favorite team. But if you want your gift to stand out, consider sports event tickets, a book on sports betting like “Smart Money” by Michael Konik, or a fun T-Shirt or pillow with a classic sports gambling saying like, “And They’re Off!”

The best gift for any gambler: A night at Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, or another special occasion, the best gift you can give the gambler in your life is a night out at your local casino. At Golden Acorn Casino, we have hundreds of slot machines and dozens of game tables to choose from, and we’re conveniently located right off the I-8 about an hour from downtown San Diego.

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