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What Are The Best Drinks To Order At A Casino?

Gambling can be a serious affair, especially if you’re playing games that involve strategy as much as luck, like Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em. But casinos are primarily a place to have fun, whether you’re kicking back with a close friend or celebrating with a large group. And because many people like to socialize over rounds of delicious drinks, casinos are known for their wide array of adult beverages, along with specialty cocktails that vary depending on where you go.

Of course, you can stick to your “usual” drink at the casino, but it’s also fun to branch out and try new things. Next time you hit up the casino, consider trying one of these popular cocktail options:

Dry Martini

Any list of casino cocktails worth its margarita salt must list the classic James Bond favorite, the Dry Martini. Made with gin and vermouth and garnished with olives or a lemon twist, this smooth cocktail radiates class, whether you’re wearing a tux or a comfortable pair of yoga pants.

Gin and Tonic

Another classic cocktail poplar at casinos, this easy two-ingredient drink is a good choice to order from the casino’s roving wait staff. Why get complicated when simplicity tastes so good? A simple Gin and Tonic is always refreshing and delicious.


Many professional poker players swear by fruity cocktails during long tournaments, insisting that the sugar boost keeps their energy up for the long haul. Made with vodka and orange juice, Screwdrivers definitely fit this bill, with the added bonus of serving up a healthy portion of vitamin C.

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Piña Colada

Piña Coladas are also fruity and sweet, but they are typically made with smaller portions of alcohol compared to the pineapple juice and coconut cream. That means Piña Coladas are a great option for people who want a tasty, refreshing cocktail that isn’t strong enough to throw them off their slot game.

Bloody Mary

When is a cocktail also a snack? When you order a Bloody Mary.  This tasty, nourishing drink is made from vodka, tomato juice, hot sauce, and a selection of spices and seasonings, and is typically topped with a garden of garnish: celery, pickles, olives, cocktail onions, and sometimes even salami, bacon, cheese, or soft pretzels. The sky’s the limit here—anything salty that can be stuck on a toothpick works.


Most casinos are self-contained environments that allow patrons to fully immerse themselves in the gambling experience, so why not use that to your advantage and pretend you’re on a mini summer vacation while gambling in the middle of winter? The sweet, crisp, tropical taste of white rum, mint, and lime in a classic Mojito is an excellent way to transport yourself to the season of your choice—preferably while playing an island-themed slot machine.

Bailey’s on the Rocks

After fueling up at the casino buffet, you might be too full to fit in a proper dessert. That’s where this “dessert drink” comes in. It offers all the satisfying sweetness of dessert without the heaviness of actual cake or pie. Made with Bailey’s Irish Cream and ice, Bailey’s on the Rocks is smooth, sweet, and creamy—the perfect after-dinner drink to accompany you while at the slots or Blackjack table.

Fuel up and try your luck!

At Golden Acorn Casino, we offer a huge variety of delicious drinks to enhance your gambling experience, whether you order from a waitress on the casino floor, directly from the Player’s Bar, or while dining at the Golden Grill, which is one of the best casino restaurants near San Diego. So if you’re looking for exciting gambling action or top-rated casino dining near San Diego, check out Golden Acorn Casino—we’re conveniently located right off the I-8, about an hour from downtown San Diego.


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