Truck Stop San Diego

Things to Look for in a Good Truck Stop in San Diego

Whether you’re a long-haul trucker or a cross-country roadtripper, where you choose to stop to refresh and refuel depends on the three C’s: Convenience, Comfort, and Cost. The best truck stops across the U.S. manage to combine all three, and while individual needs and preferences vary, here are a few things to look for to ensure your truck stop experience is a pleasant one:


Window Washing

After several hundred miles on the road, your windshield will be a dirt-smeared, oil-spattered insect graveyard that requires attention far beyond the capabilities of a typical gas station squeegee. The best truck stops provide thick brushes to scrub away debris, extra-long windshield washer handles to reach every grimy inch of glass, and ample washing fluid mixed with the water.


Hot Meal

Cold Pop Tarts for breakfast and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner might be adequate for a day or two when you’re trying to make good time on the road, but there’s something special about a hot meal that didn’t come from a drive-through window. Some truck stops have restaurants open 24 hours, and others specialize in region cuisine. If you stop at Golden Acorn Casino, you have multiple options: dining at the Golden Grill, grabbing a quick wholesome snack at the Del Oro Deli, or relaxing at the Player’s Bar.

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California Sunset At Golden Acorn Casino

Must-See Stops While Traveling Through Southern California

It’s officially road trip season. At Golden Acorn Casino, we have the feeling it’s going to be an epic summer. If your road trip happens to take you through Southern California, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Yes, of course, you’ll want to hit the beach, maybe try a surfing lesson, but if you’ve got a taste for something quirky, spooky, glute-busting, or just plain off-the-beaten-path, try this list of must-see stops while traveling through Southern California.


1) Sunny Jim’s Cave – Adventurers can explore this cave in La Jolla that was once used to smuggle Chinese immigrants and contraband whiskey during Prohibition.  The cave also has ties to L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.

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Road Trip

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Road Trip Awesome

A road trip is a great way to get from Point A to Point B (and maybe Points C through Z) while getting a taste of what else is out there in the world. Here are 10 simple ways to make your next road trip even more awesome.

#1: Make a loose plan

If you know where you’re staying every night (which city and which hotel, camp site or buddy’s couch), that should be enough of a plan to get you where you’re going and still leave room for fun road trip surprises. But don’t plot every single stop between cities. If you do, you’ll miss out on the fun of following bizarre billboards and landing in unexpected places.  


#2: Ditch your smartphone apps

This is sort of a reiteration of number #1. But it’s worth repeating.  Before there were smartphones, there was the unknown, and it was cool. No, you didn’t always end up at a restaurant with 5-star reviews, but the story about the runny omelet and the waitress with the bad attitude could still make you laugh decades later.

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