Diesel Gas Station Campo CA Golden Acorn Travel Center

Diesel Gas Station Campo, CA | Golden Acorn Travel Center

When you are on the road and low on gas, finding a gas station can feel like an impossible task. The task only gets more difficult if you are looking for a diesel gas station that serves up cheap diesel gas. If you are driving in Southern California near Campo, you no longer need to worry because Golden Acorn Travel Center offers diesel gas stations near I-8 exits. Below, we will provide more details about the Golden Acorn diesel gas station, but if you are interested in speaking with a representative, contact us by calling (619) 938-6000. Continue reading…

Best Gas Station Food Golden Acorn San Diego

Best Gas Station Food, Snacks, and Drinks | Golden Acorn


Anyone who’s taken a road trip knows that traveling long distances by car and healthy eating don’t always mix. With meal choices limited to greasy fast food or pricey sit-down diners, there’s a good chance your body will be begging for veggies and salads by the time you reach your destination.

Most people don’t realize that healthy (or healthier, at least) food options are hiding in plain sight on the great open road, conveniently located where you’ll be stopping anyway: the gas station. Before you head off on your next road trip, whether it’s a couple of hundred miles or a couple thousand, take a look at this list of the best gas station food and drink options: Continue reading…

RV Friendly Gas Station I-8 Interstate Golden Acorn Casino

RV Friendly Gas Station Off I-8 Interstate Exit 61 (Crestwood Rd.)

Taking an RV road trip is one of the best ways to see the country, but even when you’re traveling in comfort and style—usually with an on-board restroom—pit stops are still necessary. And as any road-tripper will tell you, not all rest areas, truck stops, and travel centers are created equal.

If your travels take you along the stretch of I-8 between San Diego and El Centro, your choice is easy: Exit 61, where Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center will meet all your pit-stop needs—and more! Continue reading…

Southwest Road Trip Itinerary Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Southwest Road Trip Itinerary

The Southwest is a truly iconic area of the United States. It features everything you could possibly want in a trip, including thrills, sites, adventures, nightlife, and luxury. It has every climate and geography, from dry deserts to balmy beaches to cold cliffs to cavernous canyons. If you are planning a road trip through the Southwest for a few days or a few weeks, there is going to be a lot to do and see. Before you plan out your trip, make sure to consult this list of essential items on any Southwest road trip itinerary. Continue reading…

I-8 Interstate Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Casino Off I-8 Interstate Exit 61 (Crestwood Rd.)

If you’re lucky enough to live near a local casino, you can get all the gambling excitement of Vegas without the time commitment and traveling hassle. But many local casinos are located in rather remote areas, making them hard to find and inconvenient for an impromptu night out.

Not Golden Acorn Casino! We’re located right off the I-8 interstate at the Crestwood Road exit, about halfway between San Diego and El Centro. That means if you live in those cities or anywhere in between—including El Cajon, Alpine, Pine Valley, Campo, Jacumba Hot Springs, Ocotillo, and Plaster City—we’re just a quick drive away. Continue reading…

Gas station at Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

Why You Should Fuel Up at Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

You might think all gas stations offer the same gas, snacks, and dubious restrooms. But you’ll definitely reconsider once you fuel up at Golden Acorn Casino’s Travel Center, an oasis of refreshment on the way to the desert.

Golden Acorn’s creature comforts aren’t the only reason you should stop in for a fill-up. Here are 7 reasons why you should take advantage of our Travel Center, whether you’re heading out East or returning home to San Diego. Continue reading…