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Top 10 Casino Lingo Terms to Know

You’ve got to “know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.” And if you don’t know what these and other casino terms mean, then you’re going to miss out on a great time.

To help acquaint you to the lingo, here are 10 words and phrases to know before you head into the Golden Acorn Casino near San Diego.

Betting Limit

This is the minimum and maximum bet that is set by the casino. It often varies depending on the game being played.

Coat Tail

This is slang for using the same betting strategy that a winning player is using. The hope is that by “riding their coat tail” you can win as well.

Coloring Up

Having a good night? Then you will want to “color up” your chips to higher denominations.

Flat Betting

Flat betting simply means playing the same bet each time, without raising or lowering the amount of money you put on the table.

Loading Up

Loading up involves playing the maximum allowed for each bet on a casino slot machine.

“A Fish”

The first time you enter a San Diego casino, you are “a fish fresh out of water.” It’s an affectionate term for a freshly minted player. On the other end of the scale are the “whales” – experienced players who put down large sums of money on each bet.

“Hit Me”

This term is used for those times when you want another card from the dealer while playing Blackjack.

“Give Him a Toke”

A toke is a tip for the dealer. If you have had a good night, it’s customary to give the dealer a toke as a token of your appreciation.

“Ante Up”

Each game requires players to put money on the table or into the slot. This is known as the ante and it is simply an initial bet that gets the game rolling.

The Cage

The cage is where you want to go at the end of your visit to a San Diego casino. It’s the place where you can cash in your chips for cool, hard cash you can put in your pocket.

Golden Acorn Casino

Are you ready to try these gaming terms on for size? The Golden Acorn San Diego casino is the perfect place to give ’em a spin. We invite you to stop by and enjoy the slots, Bingo, special events and fantastic promotions we have to offer.

You’ll love the fact that our staff and players create a welcoming environment where everyone from fish to whales can relax and have a fantastic time.

Casino Tips San Diego

Top 5 Tips for Casino Beginners

Did you know over a quarter of Americans visit a casino at least once a year? According to the American Gaming Association, that number will only grow as more tribal casinos open across the US and legalized gambling expands beyond Las Vegas. It’s easy to see why. Unlike most other entertainment and nightlife options, casinos offer that glimmer of hope of winning big. And even if the night ends without a jackpot, the thrill of possibility adds a measure of excitement you just won’t find elsewhere.

For those who have never been to a casino before, venturing out for the first time may seem a little bit intimidating. But don’t worry. There’s no fuss here at Golden Acorn Casino in San Diego. All we want to do is help you take your fun up a notch or two.

Still concerned about the whole new-to-the-casino thing? Ok, we hear you. Take a look below at our top tips for casino beginners. They should put you at ease and get you ready to ramp up the fun-factor in your life.

Tip #1: Learn the rules

Gambling is by definition a risk, but there’s no sense in worsening your odds by not understanding the rules of the games you play. Slot machines and bingo are pretty self-explanatory, but if you have your eye on a table game like Blackjack or Poker, be sure to read up on rules and strategies before you go, or try out some free online games for practice. And if you blank on the rules once you’re already at the table, don’t worry—dealers will typically help out and offer generalized advice, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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Slot Machine 1

Our Slot Machines

Somewhere between Yuma and San Diego, you notice signs along the side of the road and you pick up an itch on one hand. You’re feeling oddly lucky. As you roll down I-8, you see the off-ramp and swing over to the exit. This is the place!

This is where you’ve come to test your luck. Welcome to Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center!

21st Century Slots

If your concept of slot machines is the stereotypical “one-armed bandits,” have we got some games to introduce for you! Today’s slots are engaging and entertaining multimedia experiences.

Instead of looking at the same three or five wheels with bits of fruit on them, your eyes and ears are treated to stirring themes and elaborate animations. Watch a serpentine dragon bring you good luck in Dragon’s Law. Or get into a mariachi mood with Fiesta Sun. With so many slots, there’s something for everybody to play, and you might just hit a major jackpot in the process!

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