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How Much Do Casino Dealers Make in California?

All jobs rely on separate skills sets, but the jobs that are the most fulfilling tend to be those that require diverse skills and offer a variety of experiences. That’s why it’s no surprise that casino dealer positions are some of the most sought-after jobs in California. Working at a casino in any position is exciting, but the dealers get a front-row view of all the action, excitement, and drama of a night at the casino. If you’re looking for a career change, here’s what you need to know about being a casino dealer, including the training and skills necessary, plus compensation potential. Continue reading…

What to Wear to a Casino Dress Code Golden Acorn

What to Wear to a Casino?

Whenever you go out, you want to make sure you are wearing the proper attire. Being over or under-dressed is an undeniably embarrassing experience. If you show up to a fancy formal dinner wearing a T-shirt or a Summer BBQ wearing a suit, it reflects poorly on you and your judgment. To avoid embarrassment, you should try to understand the expected attire ahead of time, allowing you to come prepared.

If you are planning on having a casino night, it can be hard to know what is proper casino wear. On one hand, casinos are a place to gamble and have fun. On the other hand, casinos can be ornate and elegant, making casual clothes feel out of place. That is why the Golden Acorn Casino in Southern California has provided this guide to help you understand what to wear to a casino. Continue reading…

Gambling Mathematics and Probability Golden Acorn Casino

Gambling Mathematics and Probability | Golden Acorn Casino

People go to casinos for many reasons: to play exciting games, relax with friends, and spend an evening filled with entertainment. Few patrons head off to the casino to exercise their math skills, but perhaps more people would if they realized how math can help them win. Most gambling is all about luck, with some games requiring serious skill. But all casino games are linked by their dependence on mathematics and probability. Here’s an overview of some of the ways gambling and math go hand-in-hand:  Continue reading…

Can Music Help You Play Better at the Casino by Golden Acorn

Can Music Help You Play Better at the Casino?

Gamblers are always looking for that extra edge to increase their odds of winning, and while many tips and tricks are just that—tricks, with questionable results—there are solid, science-based helpful hints out there if you know where to look. One of the most unexpected suggestions to help you go from an adequate player to a seasoned near-pro is using music to help you focus.

Music has an interesting effect on the brain, and any boost it brings will probably be limited to games of skill like poker and Blackjack. But any little bit helps, so read on to find out how music can help you play better at the casino. Continue reading…

Greatest Songs About Gambling by Golden Acorn Casino

The 7 Greatest Songs About Gambling

Gambling has been around almost as long as music, so it’s no surprise that there are so many songs about it. Whether it’s an upbeat tune about winning or a slow ballad about losing it all, songs about gambling can be found in nearly every genre of music, from country to pop and even rap. While there are too many to mention them all, here’s a list of what we consider to be the 7 greatest songs about gambling: Continue reading…

Poker Player Wear Sunglasses and Hoodies

Why Do Poker Players Wear Sunglasses and Hoodies?

Sometimes, it can seem like poker players are real-life superheroes. It is not just their supernatural ability to calculate odds on the fly or read the faces of everyone at the table in seconds. It is also the fact that they have a uniform. While they may not have a cape or spandex, there is nevertheless a telltale outfit that poker players wear. Most poker tables will feature at least one player wearing a hoodie, sunglasses, and possibly even some headphones. So why do poker players wear sunglasses and hoodies when they play? We break down the secret reason behind the poker player’s uniform below, but if you are interested in observing a hoodie and sunglasses-wearing poker player in the wild, visit the Golden Acorn Casino.  Continue reading…

Casino Etiquette 101 Golden Acorn Casino San Diego

Casino Etiquette 101 | The Basics You Should Know

Every location you visit has its own set of rules that you must abide by. Be it a school, office, mall, or beach, there is an agreed-upon etiquette that everyone is obligated to follow. For example, if you sat down at a fancy restaurant and immediately put your feet up on the table, you are sure to get a lot of angry glares from the staff and other customers, and may even be asked to leave.

The same goes for a casino. There is a strict casino etiquette, with a set of casino rules that every gambler must follow. This does not only apply to the customer, as there is also a casino dealer etiquette as well. The repercussions for breaking casino etiquette can range in severity from eye rolls from other gamblers to getting kicked out of the casino, so it is important to familiarize yourself with casino etiquette 101. Continue reading…

Gender Influence On Casino Games By Golden Acorn

Can Gender Influence the Way You Play Casino Games?

Everyone loves to play games, especially games of chance that offer the possibility of winning actual money, not just bragging rights. But while fans of gambling would agree there’s nothing like the thrill of hitting a jackpot, they might not agree on anything else, including game preference. The factors that dictate your gambling preferences can vary, and casinos are always looking for ways to increase interest and engagement. One of the more surprising factors that could influence your casino experience is gender. Find out how gender influence can influence the way you play casino games. Continue reading…

Emotions and Gambling Golden Acorn Casino

Best 5 Ways to Control Your Emotions While Gambling

More than anything else, being a successful gambler means keeping emotional control. All it takes is one split second of losing your cool at a casino, and suddenly you can find yourself down a boatload of cash because you decided to risk it all on an impulsive, poorly thought out decision. Keeping your emotions under control while gambling will allow you to make calm, rational decisions. Decisions should be guided by thought and reason, not influenced by a wild roller-coaster of emotions.

If you are someone who has trouble controlling your emotions, it is essential to try some of the following gambling psychology techniques to control your emotions while gambling. Continue reading…

Shuffle Cards Riffle Method Golden Acorn Casino

The Most Effective Way to Shuffle Cards | Riffle Method

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” So if you want to increase your odds of winning at table games at a casino, you’ll want to practice before taking your seat at the poker or Blackjack table. Free online games are one way to get some practice in, but the experience of playing on a computer screen with an avatar dealer isn’t the most fun or rewarding. Playing the game in person with friends is the best way to practice the “soft skills” necessary for winning, like spotting tells and maintaining a poker face. And while you’re at it, why not brush up on your shuffling skills before it’s your turn to be the dealer? Continue reading…