One Hundred Dollar Casino Guide Golden Acorn

Going to the Casino With 100 Dollars | The Ultimate Guide

One of the keys to successfully gambling in a casino is to go in knowing your budget. You need to walk into a casino with the set amount of money you are willing to gamble etched in stone in your mind, and no matter what happens you must stick to that number. If the twists of fate do not go your way and you lose all of your allotted money in 15 minutes, so be it. Otherwise, you can find yourself trying to dig yourself out of a hole and only find yourself sinking deeper into that hole.

For some high rollers, that number can be in the thousands. For most of us, it is quite lower. If you are not a frequent gambler, 100 dollars may be a good starting point, and below the gambling experts at Golden Acorn Casino in Southern California provide the ultimate guide to going to the casino with 100 dollars. To learn more, contact Golden Acorn Casino today by calling (866) 794-6244. Continue reading…

Positive Effects of Gambling on Your Brain Golden Acorn Casino

5 Positive Effects of Gambling on Your Brain | Brain Health

It’s no secret that mental abilities decline as we age. Scientists have performed extensive studies to find out why the brain deteriorates faster for some than others, and what—if anything—can be done to slow the process. Surprisingly, it turns out that moderate gambling is a good way to boost brain health and retain mental capabilities into old age. If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your mind sharp into your golden years, here are 5 positive effects of gambling on your brain: Continue reading…

Best Casino Game Odds Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center

What Is the Best Game to Play at a Casino? | Gambling Odds

One of the reasons casinos are such a popular destination for vacations, parties, dates, girls’ night, and more is because anyone can walk in and find something fun. Gamblers of all skill levels are welcome, although what constitutes the “best” casino game varies from person to person. Are you looking for games with the best gambling odds? Would you prefer something easy to learn? Or would you enjoy a game that offers a full sensory experience? To get you started, here’s a list of the best casino games, depending on your gambling preferences: Continue reading…