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The Most Effective Way to Shuffle Cards | Riffle Method

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” So if you want to increase your odds of winning at table games at a casino, you’ll want to practice before taking your seat at the poker or Blackjack table. Free online games are one way to get some practice in, but the experience of playing on a computer screen with an avatar dealer isn’t the most fun or rewarding. Playing the game in person with friends is the best way to practice the “soft skills” necessary for winning, like spotting tells and maintaining a poker face. And while you’re at it, why not brush up on your shuffling skills before it’s your turn to be the dealer?

Experts Agree on The Riffle Method ♠️

You might think all shuffling strategies are created equal, but they’re not. From precision shuffling to tossing all the cards in a pile, certain methods will offer better randomization without wasting too much time. The best, most effective way to shuffle cards according to the experts is the Riffle Method, which you’ve probably seen hundreds of times in movies and TV shows.

Here’s a basic primer to shuffle cards like a pro:

Step 1: Separate the deck in half

There’s no need to count cards to make sure the deck is split evenly in half—simply “eyeball” the two halves to ensure they are roughly equal in size.

Step 2: Position your fingers

Hold one half of the deck in each hand with your thumbs positioned on the inner edge, your middle and ring fingers holding the outer edge, and your index finger resting nail-side-down on the top card

Step 3: Leaf the cards

Holding tight with your other fingers, let your thumb grip loosen to allow the cards to slip out and “leaf” together.

Step 4: Make a bridge

After the cards are intermixed, lift the cards into a bridge by placing each half on the table with the rear corners touching, and push together while lifting the back edges with your thumbs. This step isn’t easy, but casinos prefer it because it doesn’t expose the card faces during the shuffle.

Why the Riffle Shuffle is the best way to randomize a deck of cards

Mathematicians have actually run shuffling methods through complicated algorithms to check how fast and how well they mix the cards, and the Riffle Shuffle Method comes out on top with superior randomization in only seven shuffles. Other methods, like the overhand shuffle, can take around 10,000 shuffles to achieve the same result. Spreading the cards on the table and “smooshing” them around will achieve somewhat similar results as the Riffle, but it is less efficient and looks amateur in comparison.

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You might not be able to play dealer at the poker and Blackjack tables at Golden Acorn Casino, but you can definitely watch the master dealers at work. With all that practice at home playing and shuffling, your odds are already better than the newbie taking a seat next to you. Whether you win or lose, you’re sure to have a great night out at Golden Acorn Casino. Come play with us today! We’re conveniently located right off the I-8 about an hour from downtown San Diego.


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