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Casino Etiquette 101 | The Basics You Should Know

Every location you visit has its own set of rules that you must abide by. Be it a school, office, mall, or beach, there is an agreed-upon etiquette that everyone is obligated to follow. For example, if you sat down at a fancy restaurant and immediately put your feet up on the table, you are sure to get a lot of angry glares from the staff and other customers, and may even be asked to leave.

The same goes for a casino. There is a strict casino etiquette, with a set of casino rules that every gambler must follow. This does not only apply to the customer, as there is also a casino dealer etiquette as well. The repercussions for breaking casino etiquette can range in severity from eye rolls from other gamblers to getting kicked out of the casino, so it is important to familiarize yourself with casino etiquette 101.

1. Put the Phone Away

The blackjack table is not the time or place to use your phone. A key part of casino etiquette is not using your phone in any way while playing a table game. This includes calls, texts, taking photos, or even just reading an article. Using your phone can be distracting to other gamblers and the dealer, be used to try to cheat, and most of all is just plain rude. If a dealer or pit boss sees you using your phone at the table, they will ask you to step away from the table until you are done. If your phone use is a repeated problem or you are taking photos, security may ask you to leave, depending on the casino rules.

2. Be Aware of the Minimum and Maximum Bet

Each table in a casino has a different minimum and maximum bet. The minimum and maximum bet should be clearly marked, allowing you to choose a table based on your preferred betting parameters. If for some reason you put a bet down that is below the minimum or above the max, the dealer will ask you to put down the correct amount before continuing the game.

3. Casino Etiquette for Buying Chips

In order to play a table game, you need to buy chips. To buy chips, simply place your cash down on the table and wait for the dealer to change your money into chips. Make sure to wait for a reasonable break in the action, as you do not want to throw your money down right in the middle of an important hand. Casino dealer etiquette requires the dealer to say the amount of money aloud before handing you the chips.

4. Cash Out When You Leave the Table

Whenever you intend to leave the table, let the dealer know you want to “cash out”. This will allow the dealer to give you more generic chips that can be used elsewhere in the casino, or give you bigger chips so you don’t have a pocket full of chips. For example, if you have twenty $5 chips, when you cash out the dealer will give you a $100 chip.

5. Keep Yourself Under Control

Be respectful to the dealer, your fellow gamblers, and the casino by keeping yourself under control at all times. This means no screaming in anger or frustration if a hand does not go your way, and keeping your alcohol consumption to a reasonable level. If you are frequently losing your cool or are obviously intoxicated, you may be kicked out of the casino.

Practice Proper Casino Etiquette at Golden Acorn Casino

Practice proper casino etiquette at Golden Acorn Casino. Located in Southern California near San Diego and Los Angeles, Golden Acorn offers a variety of table games to learn how to abide by casino rules and casino etiquette. Polite casino dealer etiquette is also practiced, resulting in a fun and respectful gambling experience. Have any questions for us? We’re open 24 hours a day! Give us a call today at (619) 938-6000.


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