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Top 5 Craziest Casino Myths

Myths can be part of what makes life fun. After all, they spice up what could otherwise be a boring day or trip. However, they should not get in the way of your decision-making process. To that end, let’s dive into the top five craziest casino myths.

1. Counting Cards Will Land You in Jail

This myth — that counting cards is illegal and can even put you behind bars — is perhaps the most widely believed one. After all, it has elements that make sense. There’s the perception that casinos don’t want to give players any advantage, and counting cards is a big ol’ benefit.
However, a myth is all it is. Really! Of course, casinos don’t love it when players count cards. Even the best California casinos will use up to eight decks in blackjack to minimize the odds of card counting. They might also use automatic shuffling machines. It’s possible you could get banned from a casino or its table games if you count cards, but you will never be arrested.

2. Roulette Wheels Are Remote Controlled

This myth purports that roulette wheels are remote controlled and stop where the payouts are small. However, roulette spins are purely random, and casinos regularly check their wheels for bias. A casino found to have tampered with its wheels would be in big trouble, indeed.
(Golden Acorn does not have roulette wheels, so this is something the players here don’t need to worry about anyway.) Continue reading…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Casinos

If you’ve never been to a casino (or even if you’ve been to several), there are a few things you may wonder. For example, what are the best casino games? How do you win at slots? And practically speaking, do you have to dress up? Here’s a look at some FAQs.

Do I need to dress up to go to a Casino?

Most likely not. Movies often show men in tuxedos and women clad in gowns as they gamble at high-end casinos. That’s the movies. In reality, most casinos want to appeal to a wide spectrum of folks. Go to one of the top casinos near San Diego and you’ll see many people wearing jeans and T-shirts or slacks and a sweater. Shorts, too. Casinos don’t want to make people jump through hoops or to make a visit stressful. In fact, some casinos also function as travel stops, offering gas and good dining. Travelers, including truckers, may take only 30 minutes or an hour to relax and gamble, and as everyone knows, it’s a rare person who travels in black tie.
Of course, if you want to dress up, you can! Continue reading…