5 Fun to Know Facts About Casinos

Spending time playing games at a casino is a wonderful way to spend some time and relax. The colorful games, action and sounds have an element of fun and excitement. Add in some of the other activities that you will find at Golden Acorn Casino, and you are sure to have a great time!
Many people who head out to casinos like to have some fast gambling facts that they can tell their friends about these gambling meccas. If you fall into this category, here are five casino facts and helpful gambling tips that you might enjoy:

1. Quick History of Slots

Charles August Fey invented the slot machine in 1895. He worked from the basement of his home to create his invention. His machines were placed in saloons and were wildly popular. He opened a slot factory in San Francisco in 1896. That site is a California historical landmark now.
Slot machines are now one of the most popular attractions in casinos. In some places, you will find slot machines in restaurants, bars and other establishments. These machines are easy to customize, so they can be set to accept a host of denominations, from penny slots on up to high dollar amounts. Continue reading…


7 Reasons to Go to Golden Acorn This Summer

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In fact, it likely won’t—if you take a trip to Golden Acorn for some casino entertainment. And, yep, this place is special. Without further ado, here are seven reasons why this could be the trip that makes your summer.

1. It’s On the Way

Are you traveling somewhere? Chances are, Golden Acorn (near San Diego) is on the way or not that much out of the way. In fact, the casino is right off Interstate 8 and doubles as a travel center, with great gas prices and delicious food. Whether you want to stretch your legs for a few minutes and try your hand at a slot machine or two, or you want a few hours with Lady Luck, here’s your opportunity to design the experience exactly the way you envision.

2. Win a Corvette!

Golden Acorn runs lots of cool promotions. In July, for example, one of the deals on offer is a prize of a 2017 Chevy Corvette. Other deals could end up with you winning oodles of free cash or free plays. Continue reading…