Bar Drinks

10 Most Commonly Ordered Drinks at Bars

Whether you’re celebrating a jackpot or need fortification for an epic round of slots, there’s nothing like a refreshing drink from the bar to enhance your next trip to the casino. The only question is, what should you order? If you don’t already have a favorite standard, check out this list of the 10 most commonly ordered drinks at bars for inspiration.


  1. Margarita

Blended or over ice, Margaritas are as refreshing as they are versatile. Enjoy the drink original-style (tequila, triple sec, and lime juice) or mix it with an unlimited variety of fruits like strawberry, mango, melon, and pomegranate. Fun fact: the most popular tequila cocktail in the U.S. is also somewhat local—its origin is said to be somewhere between Tijuana and Ensenada!


  1. Martini

Another classic cocktail with versatility to spare, Martinis are typically made with gin and vermouth, although vodka can be substituted—and don’t forget the James Bond-popularized option of “shaken or stirred.” Basic Martinis can also be transformed to a variety of cocktails such as the Appletini (mixed with apple schnapps), Blue Martini (blue curacao), and the risqué-sounding Dirty Martini (extra olive juice).

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Biggest Wins in Casino History

The moment you step foot in Golden Acorn Casino, anything is possible. Every roll of the dice, flip of a card, or pull of a slot machine has the potential to change your life in an instant. Eventually, someone has to win big.

“Who’s going to take home the jackpot tonight?” you wonder. “Could it be me?”

The biggest wins in casino history were likely preceded by these very thoughts. After all, anyone who’s ever played blackjack or a slot machine has dreamed of hitting the jackpot. The lucky folks below actually did, and they became legends for their record-breaking wins.


1. On January 26, 2000, Las Vegas cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay tried her hand at the Megabucks slot machine while celebrating her future mother-in-law’s birthday. On her ninth pull, Jay won $34,959,458.56. At the time, this was the largest Megabucks jackpot in history.


2. In 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles reclaimed the record for largest Megabucks jackpot winner with a win of $39,713,982.25. After officials checked his ID and verified his eligibility, the anonymous winner received his first of 25 annual checks for a cool $1.5 million.

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